Eternity of Porcelain - Renowned Worldwide

Eternity of Porcelain - Renowned Worldwide

28 Feb, 2015

Former President of France - Jacques Chirac admires The Banquet of the Emperor Collection
CEO of Franz Collection was received by Pope Benedict XVI, and presented the museum collection “Cherry Tree and Grosbeaks”

With inspirations from nature, Franz Collection has conveyed the philosophy from the Eastern teaching “Learn from Nature, and then you will roam between heaven and earth with ease”. Moreover, Franz Collection interprets the perfection and harmony of nature within by self-cultivation of culture.

Since 2001, Franz Collection integrates classical, contemporary, Western and Eastern aesthetics. Franz Collection has won numerous awards and is being chosen as gifts by celebrities.There are up to 6,000 places where Franz Collection can be found all over the world.


Former Tennis World Champion - Rafael Nadal
Top Tennis Player Maria Sharapova and Vera Zvonareva

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